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Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity is traumatic, it literally shakes your world and the foundation you thought you had in your relationship.  It is not uncommon to feel shock, to feel numb, to feel rage, to feel despair.  Precisely because of these feelings and emotions it is important to seek counseling to begin sorting through what options truly exist for you.  What to do? Separate? Divorce? Try to blindly move past this? 

If the infidelity has just been revealed, you are not in an emotional or psychological state to make such a life-changing decision.  And, while many believe that an infidelity is the automatic end of the relationship, that is not true.  Most couples faced with this trauma choose to seek counseling in order to save the relationship, to understand what has happened, what led your partner to being unfaithful, and what needs to happen for both of you to have the relationship you want to thrive. 

Counseling can help you choose the best course of action for yourself and for your relationship.  Don't go this alone.  Call today, I strive to return all calls the same day I receive them and I will likely be speaking to you in the next few hours.  732-458-2550